• Estimated number of homeless people sleeping outdoors and in emergency shelters, Violence Against Women shelters, and in health and correctional facilities in Toronto on the night of April 17, 2013: 5,253

  • Estimated number of people sleeping rough in April 2013: 447

  • Percentage increase in total homeless population since the previous assessment in 2009: 1.6

  • Percentage of all homeless who are men: 65

  • Percentage of outdoor homeless who are men: 85

  • Percentage of outdoor homeless who self-identify as Aboriginal: 33 (In comparison, 1% of the general population in Toronto identifies as Aboriginal.)

  • Percentage of homeless people reporting experience in the Canadian military: 7

  • Percentage of those staying in youth shelters identifying as part of the LGBTQ community: 21

  • Percentage of the homeless population aged 51 or older: 29

  • Number of shelter beds expected to be used on an average night in 2014: 3,941 (This is 5.3% higher than in 2013.)

  • Number of days of the average shelter stay in 2013: 72 (This is an increase from 63 in 2012 and 53 in 2011.)

  • Percentage of homeless people who want a permanent home: 93

  • Percentage of homeless people saying that what they really need to get out of homelessness is help paying Toronto’s high rents: 66

  • Percentage of Toronto renting households paying more than 30% of their income on rent: 43.5

In addition, a recent shelter census conducted on May 17, 2016 showed that 4160 beds were occupied and that occupancy rates were very high.  In the women’s sector the occupancy rate was 98%, in the youth sector it was 97%, in the men’s sector it was 96% and in the family and co-ed sector respectively it was 95 and 94%.